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Great leaders are not the only ones who have made notable contributions to peace.  Nobel Peace Prize winners are not alone in performing their noble deeds. We have all heard the names Gandhi, Mother Theresa and Jimmy Carter, great leaders and peace makers of our world. The ‘Power of One’ seeks to highlight the everyday peace makers-the people that change the  world and go unnoticed by the masses.

Take a look at the peace heroes we’ve encountered and see how they are touching lives around the globe. These are people who stepped out of their everyday roles in society to live a life less ordinary. Fueled by passion and desire they have embarked on remarkable journeys to spread peace to all. Learn about them and the work they’re doing and stay updated, as we will be keeping you informed throughout their travels.

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Lok – Peace Rider

Lok - Peace Rider

Lok - Peace Rider

In 2004, a man by the name of Lok Bandhu Karki set out on a mission to promote peace and universal brotherhood. Lok left his teaching career and his tiny and remote village in Western Nepal to embark on a global mission to travel the world on a bicycle. He took a true leap of faith when he began his journey with no bank account or credit card, and merely the modest amount of cash he had from his life savings. Without a website or any means other than personal interaction to raise funds, he has been blessed by the generosity of others. Over the 6 years Lok has been on the road, he has received support from local governments, organizations and even individuals who have made his extraordinary goals possible. He has reached 79 countries so far, and is aiming to visit 150 by the conclusion of his trip in 2013. Odyssey Networks was lucky to have encountered Lok along his visionary ride and we were able to help him continue his journey, providing him with a ticket to his following destination, which was then Haiti.

Check back with us on a weekly basis to hear Lok’s latest anecdotes about his trip. If you’d like to help Lok continue his journey, please contact him directly at nwcyclist_pds@yahoo.com.

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Bob – Actor in Faith

All great acts start with imagination. Bob Votruba is no exception.

Nearly one year ago, Bob took a leap of faith beginning an incredible 10-year journey. In response to the tragedy that occurred at Virginia Tech in 2007, Bob took the road rarely traveled. He traded in his conventional life for the opportunity to make a positive impact. Bob, his canine companion Bogart, and an old school bus—transformed into a distinctive vehicle for peace—traverse the country visiting college campuses and encouraging kindness. Kindness as a goal (that’s right!), is the basis of ‘One Million Acts of Kindness.’ Watch the video below to see Bob and his “kindness convoy” in action right in the heart of New York City. It starts with imagination and ends with a daily act of kindness.

Join us here for weekly updates on Bob and Bogart’s whereabouts as they continue spreading the goal of kindness nationwide. To learn more about Bob and his mission, visit www.OneMillionActsofKindness.com.

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City of Kindness Campaign Gains Momentum

The Kindness Bus Tour continued it’s “Cleveland, The City of Kindness” campaign for the better part of the week, including the first couple of days of the Labor Day weekend. The survey numbers for “Cleveland, The City of Kindness” campaign are 4,623 for and 32 against.
Mid-week we headed an hour’s drive south to Ashland University for a two day visit. The Center for Non-violence at Ashland University sponsored our visit and while there I was able to speak with five different groups on campus.

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Lok tours U.S.

This is my 2nd time trip to the US . This time, I toured San Frascisco; Lose Angeles; Salt Lake City, Utah; Denver and Boulder, Colorado; Chicago; Michigan; and Louiseville, Kentucky. I had not been to these places before. I rode to each and every corner of the mentioned places, distributing the message which appears on the fliers I always distribute . The local newspapers , FM radio and TV stations throughout these places interviewed me about Bicycle Tour for Peace.

Of course, bicycles are not allowed on the highways, so I was forced to take buses and Taxis to go from one place from another. Just 3 days ago , I arrived in Lexington of Kentucky and have been riding my bicycle around town.

I plan to go to Atlanta, Georgia and Florida from Kentucky. My bicycle tour of the US will end by September 20. Then I will go for other countries, but am not sure where.

I would like everyone to know my main message:

No Stealing ! No Robbery ! No Rape ! No Murder ! No Kidnapping ! No Bribery ! No Corruption ! No Blackmail ! No Guns ! No Bombs ! No Atomic Weapons ! No Suicide Attacks ! No Terrorism !…& No Discrimination on the basis of Skin Colors, Religions, Castes/Tribes , Works and Nationalities !

Every one ought to give more priority to Humanity instead of Politics , Religious differences, elitist tribes …and exclusive communities are creating violence, conflict, war …& antagonism among human beings. These things divide our human family.

We all are Human and the Creation of One God . Every one is equal in the Creator’s Eye.

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Bob travels to Cleveland

The Kindness Bus Tour wrapped up its ten day visit to New York City, making many great connections with people throughout the world. New York City provided me with the amazing opportunity of talking with people from over 40 countries during my last two visits. I headed west to Cleveland through Grove City College. For the next three weeks I will be devoting most of my energies to my “Cleveland, The City of Kindness” campaign. I am hoping to talk with 10,000 people from Northeast Ohio to get their thoughts on this campaign. Through the first 3 days of this campaign I have talked with approximately 1,300 people with over 1,250 people wholeheartedly supporting my campaign.

Do you think your city warrants the name ‘City of Kindness?’ Tell us why you think your city should be considered for this title.

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