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Affirmations for
World Peace -
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A Million Minutes for Peace is an initiative of Odyssey Networks.

Odyssey Networks is the nation's largest multi-faith coalition dedicated to enriching spiritual life and promoting peace, tolerance, and social justice through the production and distribution of media.

Odyssey's membership includes over 55 faith groups and organizations. A list of member faith groups and organizations is available here.

Odyssey Networks is a service of the National Interfaith Cable Coalition, Inc., established in 1987.

To contact Odyssey Networks to ask about A Million Minutes for peace or about information regarding Odyssey, call or write to us here:

Odyssey Networks
The Interchurch Center
475 Riverside Drive
New York, NY 10115
T: 212.870.1030
F: 212.870.1040

Communications Department
Mary Dickey
Communications Director

Desiree Frieson
Communications Manager

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